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 men on a dead man's chest


Galdrakver (‘Little Book Of Magic’)

The ‘Little Book Of Magic’ is a seventeenth-century Icelandic manuscript, written on animal skin and containing magical staves, sigils, prayers, charms and related texts.

It is known to have once been owned by Icelandic Bishop Hannes Finnson who was alive from 1739 until 1796 and known for having a vast library containing many volumes of magic related texts and manuscripts.

Full manuscript here.

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Muff and cape with Worth skirt, 1890’s

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Still from Marie Antoinette (click on the photos for better view) - Part 2

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ART HISTORY MEME || [3/5] movements or centuries: Rococo

François Boucher, Imaginary Landscape with the Palatine Hill from Campo Vaccino, 1734
Jean-Honore Fragonard, The Happy Accidents of the Swing, 1767
Jean-Baptiste Oudry, Allegory of Europe, 1722
François Boucher, The Rape of Europa, 1732-1734
Jean Antoine Watteau, The Dance, 1719-1720
Jean Antoine Watteau, Mezzetin, 1717-1719


François Eisen (1685-1778):

An Allegory of Music; An Allegory of Painting. 18th century.


Love this series of collages!

Well known historical paintings of city scenes around the world superimposed on to Google Street View.


All of Stan Lee’s Marvel film cameos (updated!)

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